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Found the perfect space to set up your new office? Congratulations. Now, the next step is to plan and furnish your interior so that you can start operations.

As a business owner, your budget is probably tight, and you want to use your capital prudently. So, you can begin with the most important things and later, when you can, add other items.

That said, buying the right furniture for your office ensures employee comfort and convenience, hence increasing morale and productivity. It can also add a touch of professionalism and beauty. So, what kind of furniture should I look for in furniture liquidators near me to stock my new office?

Here are the most important ones:

Office Desks or Worktables

First off, a desk is a must-have piece of furniture in every office. That’s because employees spend most of their work day, and life, at the desk. Now, desks come in different sizes and designs. However, ensure the desk is comfortable for the employee working on it. So, you can make it more ergonomic by allowing for easy adjusting.

Choose different designs depending on what’s appropriate for the office. You can go with smaller, simple desks for regular employees and a larger executive desk for the manager’s office.


While desks are common office furniture, some modern open-plan working spaces do well with large shared worktables. So, always consider your space, work style and company culture when picking what is best for you.

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Ergonomic Chairs

Next up, you want to buy a couple of chairs. Remember, your employees will spend most of their work hours seated in the office. So, the key is to select the best chair to ensure comfort and prevent injury as much as possible.

If you have uncomfortable chairs, your office employees will find the working environment quite unfriendly, and that is going to affect their productivity and general job satisfaction.

Ergonomic chairs, while higher priced, give you the best bang for your buck. They have excellent padding to offer lumbar support and prevent back pain, which often occurs from hours of sitting with the wrong posture. More importantly, they offer adjustable features, allowing employees to find the correct posture and remain productive for longer.

Conference Table and Chairs

Team discussions are where the real innovation happens. So, for a lot of businesses, meetings for project collaboration and performance reviews are held often. Ideally, you want to have a furnished conference room for these work-related meetings. Basically, you will need a large conference table as well as a couple of chairs.


Do not go all in when it comes to the designs. In fact, you want a minimalistic yet high-quality table with a simple base to allow for plenty of legroom while sitting down. As for the chairs, you can go for something like the Madison Liquidators’ ergonomic chairs for both your conference table as well as office desks.

Client Seats

If you have the type of office where you welcome clients or other kinds of guests frequently, then it is also necessary that you invest in furniture that ensures their comfort too. You can have a few waiting seats at a designated space, usually near the entrance. Also, furnish every desk with an armchair to act as the client sitting area while your staff is attending to them.

That said, the number of chairs you will typically need will depend on how many client-facing desks you have and how much foot traffic your office receives.

File Cabinets

Your office and staff will also need ample space for storing company documents and papers. So, consider investing in desks with drawers for employees’ individual storage needs. On top of that, you can have one or more cabinets for common filing needs. Keep these cabinets hidden and not directly in view to achieve the best look.

Now, the size of your file cabinets will depend on your current and future storage needs, as well as how much space you have in your office.

Couches for the Common Spaces

A healthy work environment is crucial for productive, happy employees, so you definitely want to designate a break room/ living space for your workers. Depending on your goal, you can add couches and a casual table or simple cafeteria furniture. This is in addition to other essentials like a bookshelf, a TV, a credenza, and even a video game set.

Can I Find These Pieces in Furniture Liquidators Near Me?

Furnishing your new office does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. That is, if you start with a basic checklist of what you need in your working space. However, the types of furniture listed above should provide a good place to start from. Best of all, you can find great deals at a furniture liquidator near you. With time, you can add extra items to your space.

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